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Meghan Markle’s Father Says”Do Not Believe British Royal Family Are Racist”

Meghan’s dad Thomas Markle stated on Tuesday he didn’t believe that the British royal household was racist and expected that an alleged comment from a relative about the shadow of the epidermis of Meghan’s kid was only a dumb question.

Meghan explained that her son Archie, currently aged one, was denied the name of prince since there were concerns over the royal household about”about just how black his epidermis could be if he is born”.

“I’ve great esteem for the Royals, and that I really don’t believe the British royal household are racist in any way.

“The thing for what color will the baby be how dark would the baby be. I am guessing and hoping it is only a dumb question out of someone else you know, it might only be that easy. It may be somebody asked a dumb question. Instead of being a entire racist.”

Thomas Markle stated though that the remark ought to be researched. He said that his daughter had allowed him down while he had been sick.

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