Optical Fibers – Past And Present

In 1966, Charles Kao Kuen, a scientist from China, provided the effects of his studies to the world. The foremost message of his improvement changed into that fiber optic communication can be organized the use of optical fibers. In his studies, Kao introduced the unique layout features of optical fiber and its materials to the arena. Researches of the scientist can rightfully be considered the basis of fiber optic telecommunications today.

The first actual point out of the term “optical fiber” became first used in 1956 by NS Kapany from the USA. Today, fiber optic communication technologies have so firmly penetrated our lives that we no longer see something unexpected in them and perceive their presence as well as the presence of a water deliver gadget in an condo constructing. During the development of fiber optics, many interesting research and experiments were completed.

Active talks about optical fiber LEDs started inside the fifties of the final century. Then they started to make them from various kinds of transparent materials. However, the transparency of those materials was no longer sufficient for proper light conductivity. In 1966, a group of scientists led via Charles Kuen Kao concluded that quartz glass will be the most appropriate material for fiber optic communications.

Even then, Kao believed that with the help of fiber optics it would be viable to transmit records and soon this kind of conversation could update the sign transmission thru copper wires. Three years later, Kao acquired a fiber with an attenuation coefficient of 4 dB/km. This result became the first example of extremely-obvious glass.

A yr later, Corning Incorporated produced optical fibers with a stepped refractive index profile and reached an attenuation coefficient of 20 dB/km at a wavelength of 633 nm. For the primary time, a quartz optical fiber passed a mild beam at a distance of up to 2 kilometers. Quantum records switch is presently developing in addition as an test and business use over brief distances.

Today, optical fiber is used in many industries except Telecom. It includes X-ray machines, in which it presents galvanic isolation between a high voltage source and occasional-voltage manipulate equipment. In this manner, staff and sufferers receive isolation from the high-voltage a part of the gadget. Optical fiber is utilized in distribution devices of electric substations as a sensor of the safety system.